Week 1

Right before week 1 began a zoom call was facilitated in order to introduce the project I will be working on for the next 10 weeks. I will be creating a Virtual Reality space that helps students learn. This zoom call was also used as time to get to know each other before the DREU program officially started. At this time I was given documents and links that would help on the 10 week journey. Later on in that day another zoom call was scheduled. This was the official Student Introduction to DREU where students had the opportunity to learn more about the program as well as have any questions answered.

The following Monday is when week 1 officially began. I had read over the documents and reviewed the links on the project during the weekend prior. On Monday we had a zoom call set up to go over the goals for the week. My goals for the week were to finish the Unity Unit 3 tutorial on using Unity to develop VR experiences, finish the plain VR environment in Unity, potentially begin adding translucent panels to the virtual reality environment, and upload my Unity project to gitHub. We had two more follow up meetings on Tuesday and Friday. In between Tuesday and Friday we communicated through Slack which is a workspace that is very useful when it comes to keeping us all on the same page. I completed the plain virtual reality environment after obaining all the needed assets. The biggest challenge I faced this week was getting my project uploaded to gitHub. It was also a challenge adjusting to Unity but after viewing online tutorials and videos things began to fall into place.

Written on June 1, 2020