Week 2

At the end of week 1 we met for our online discussion of what had been completed and made adjustments. As week 2 began our goals had already been set and we convened on Monday morning to talk about them. My week 2 goals were to add panels and text to my Unity scene, continue Unit 3 of Using Unity to Develop VR Experiences and begin Unit 4, and push my project to GitHub.

Because I had some trouble getting my project up to GitHub, I dedicated some time to researching and making a new repository so that I could share my project with my mentor and get proper guidance. On Tuesday our follow up meeting took place and things were going smoothly. Wednesday came around and the Oculus Quest that I ordered to help me test the Virtual Reality environment was delivered. I began to configure the correct settings in Unity for my Oculus Quest. Thursday and Friday I worked on the virtual environment in Unity and struggled to get the panels to show up under the Gaming Tab. However, after looking up solutions and playing with the settings the problem was solved. I also set up my Oculus Quest and put alot of time into trying to connect my Occulus Quest to my Unity Project. Unfortunatly, this week I didn’t get the Quest linked to my Unity project. However, all my goals for the week were met.

Written on June 8, 2020