Week 3

Week 3 began with our usual Monday meeting where we met to discuss plans for the upcoming week. We spoke about some up and coming issues we may run into and how we can get around them. One issue I was worried about was populating a certain grid in the Virtual Reality Environment. I wanted to make sure I went about it in the most efficient manner. My goals for week 3 were to find an efficient way to add a grid to the Unity environment, begin to populate the grid, continue Unit 4 of the Locomotion and Ergonomics Unit, and begin to research sideloading on the Oculus Quest.

On Monday after the meeting I began to research different Grid assets in the Asset Store of Unity. I found an asset that allowed for me to apply it to an 3D object and adjust the grid size, line size, cell color, and line color. This was the perfect tool to use in order to make the object I was looking for. On Tuesday we met again for our follow up meeting where we discussed any issues we may have run into on Monday. I continued to add other elements to the grid such as a y- axis of numbers. The rest of the week I researched sideloading, which is used to run games that are not created by Oculus. I found that a USB-C cord is needed in order to connect my Oculus Quest to my computer and begin sideloading the device. I also continued on Unit 4 of Locomotion and Ergonomics, which allowed for me to complete all of my goals for the week. During the follow up meeting that took place on Friday, we discussed a little bit about writting research papers and techniques on how to go about keeping up with your sources.

Written on June 15, 2020