Week 4

Week 4 began with a meeting to discuss our plans for the week. This week we wanted to begin to go over some published research articles and reports so that we could then begin to write our own. My goals for this week were to obtain a USB-C cable in order to begin to test my environment on the Occulus Quest, research for articles on related works to include in the final research report, complete the related works questions that will be included in the paper, and to finally begin testing on the Occulus Quest.

After our Monday meeting I began to try and find a USB-C cable to attach my Occulus Quest to my computer. This specific type of cable is not common and after looking around the house I decided to go to Best Buy and purchase one. Once I recieved the cable I connected the headset to my computer. Because the Unity tutorial videos did not include specific steps on connecting the Occulus Quest, I got in contact with a Unity employee that sent me a pdf with more in depth instructions. This pdf was very helpful and allowed me to adjust all my setting in Unity correctly so that I could then Run and Build my project. When I first ran my project I recieved a couple errors in which I wasn’t sure how to fix. After doing some research on these errors I realized that one of the Graphics API’s in the Project Settings was not compatable with my version of Unity and had to be removed. After this quick fix I ran and buit my project again and the error was gone. My project was finally viewable in the Occulus Quest headset. I could look around at the environment and everything I added was there. However, I could not view my hands and must go back and fix this issue. On Wednesday we had our second meeting of the week and discussed how research papers should be set up and different techniques to find related works. We were then tasked with finding two related works and begin answering questions about those articles. During the follow up meeting on Friday we discussed the related works articles we found and debriefed about our week.

Written on June 22, 2020