Week 5

Beginning week 5 we convened as usual to discuss the upcoming week on Moday morning. My first goal of the week was to implement movement in Unity. I also needed to fix the hand presence in my virtual environment. This week we also were introduced to a LaTeX editor that will help us when formatting our Final Research Reports. This LaTeX editor is called Overleaf. Overleaf requires no installation, allows for real time collaboration, and version control when it comes to editing reports.

During our Tuesday meeting is when we were introduced to Overleaf by our mentor. This LaTeX editor provides hundreds of Templates for creating scientific documents. We looked at different examples of these scientific articles and discussed which would best suit us when creating our final reports. The IEEE Template for Conferences really stood out to me. We were tasked with looking around at other templates and playing with the online editor to see how it works. This week a goal of mine was to implement movement and fix the hand presence in my environment. After doing some research I came across an Oculus Prefab Asset called the OVR Player Controller. This OVR Player Controller allows for the player to move around in the virtual environment. It includes the OVR Camera Rig prefab which is attached to a character controller. This is exactly what I was looking for so I had to delete the Camera Rig I was currently using and replace it. Another goal of mine for the week was to create hand presence in my environment. I did some research on hand presence and found that there is and Oculus Avatar Prefab that can be added to the Right Controller Anchor and the Left Controller Anchor. This rendered virtual hands in my environment that also adjusted to all hand poses. During our follow up meeting on Friday we discussed our week briefly and got out of meeting early due to the holiday weekend.

Written on June 29, 2020