Week 6

Our week began with our Monday meeting which included our goals for the week. My goals for the week include continuing Unity tutorials, continuing Final Research Report on Overleaf, and adding and interactive Magnifying Glass to the Unity Environment. We discussed having Nyala, a research student like myself, and I presenting our current virtual environments the following Tuesday. This presentation will help us to get a view of each others environments and a feel for the different techniques used when using a different software.

After our Monday meeting I began researching ways to get a magnifying glass into my environment. Like a few of the other objects in my environment I could have downloaded a magnifying glass asset from the asset store into my project. However, I wanted to challenge myself as well as not have to purchase that asset. So I looked into ways to build models in Unity and I came across the ProBuilder Package. ProBuilder allows you to build, edit, and add custom texture geometry in Unity. After watching a few Unity tutorials on ProBuilder I decided to use this tool to build my magnifying glass. I used a Torus shaped object and a cylinder. Once I deleted some of the faces of the Torus and reshaped the cylinder, I then used the Merge Objects tool to merge the two shapes into one. I also created a new material that I placed on my object to make it a gold color. After building the magnifying glass I had to figure out a way to make my object interactable. I had to first add custom left and right hands under the left and right hand anchors. I was previously using the local avatar occulus hands, however the customLeftHand and customRightHand include the OVR Grabber component which is needed to grab objects. I also had to go to my magnifying glass and add some components to that object. I added the Rigidbody, OVR Grabbable, and sphere collider components. The sphere collider I placed on the handle so that magnifying glass could be grabbed by the handle. We followed up in our meeting on Friday and discussed any issues we had ran into during the week.

Written on July 6, 2020