Week 8

On Monday we met on zoom to discuss our plans for the upcoming week. My first goal of the week was to get my project to be virtual reality supported again so that it could test my environment. I would possibly have to create a new Unity project and pull my previous work from GitHub. I also wanted to continue to research for the ASCII code animation which would require the use of portals in my project. We also planned to submit sections of our final research report to our Mentor on Thursday so that we could receive feedback.

I began by trying to uninstall XR SDK packages however, I continued to get an error. I also researched other techniques that others had used when receiving this error. My last resort was to make a new Unity project and pulling my old project from GitHub. I was very fortunate to have almost all of my project pushed to GitHub. At first I struggled to view my scene after pulling all the files. However, after looking up this issue I just had to drag the scene from the scene folder into the hierarchy and my scene appeared. After adjusting a few of the settings, such as changing my platform back to android, I was back on track. I had left off creating my VR button for the code animation in my project. I began researching the most efficient way to create my button so that I wouldn’t make the same mistake I had on my last project. However, there are not very many tutorials on creating 3D buttons in Unity with the Oculus integration. There was information on incorporating the Steam VR asset and using that to create a 3D button. I also continued on sections of my final report to submit on that Thursday. I completed my Abstract, my Approach, and began on my Related works sections. These sections include information on the problem that we’re attempting to solve, the purpose, and the approach to solving the problem. At the end of the week we submitted parts of our report that we had completed to get feedback.

Written on July 20, 2020