Week 9

Beginning week 9 we had our usual Monday meeting on zoom. We discussed our plans and goals for the week. My goals were to continue writing my research report while wditing sections I had previously completed, continue implementing the button in Unity, and to continue my research on portals in Unity. After discussing our goals my mentor mentioned to me that a written step by step document showing how to connect an Oculus to Unity would be useful for future researchers. So I added the task of creating that pdf to my list of goals.

Because of the previous error I ran into, I had to create a new Unity project. When creating that new project I was forced to reconnect my Oculus Quest. This allowed me to pin point the specific steps I took to go through that process. I also used a pdf to help me create this step by step document. When connecting your Quest you must install Oculus Android, Enable developer mode in the Oculus App, make sure you have Android Studio and SDK23 or higher installed, switch your platform to Android (because and Oculus Quest is an Android device), plug up the device to your computer, change the run device to your Quest, turn on the Virtual Reality Support, make sure the Oculus SDK is included, change the minimum API level to API level 23, and finally you can run and build your project from Unity. After creating the pdf I began to work more on my Final Research Report. My research paper is being created using Overleaf, which is a cloud-based LaTex editor used mostly for publishing scientific documents. This week I focused on the Methods sections of my report. This methods section should include details of the research project. It should answer questions such as “What process is used to collect data” and “What tools did you use?”. I went into detail in the different aspects that I created in Unity and what they are used for. I wanted to include pictures in Overleaf which cause in error when I compiled my paper. After some research I found that when including images in Overleaf you must first upload the image and then use “usepackage{graphicx}” command. When working on my Unity project I created game objects to highlight each section of code. I also created a script that is supposed to allow me to step through the code using the button I had previously added. For some reason my button is not detecting my hand and I will have to research to solve this issue. On Friday, I submitted my pdf that I created to slack and we met again to have our weekly meeting. We discussed how the following week would be our last week to work on our projects and any issues we had ran into during the week.

Written on July 27, 2020